We at Happy Ski Cortina are known for our innovative training method, studied on the students’ characteristics and based on learning associated with the game, the fun, the passion for sports and their features related to socialization.

With 25 years of experience behind us, we are now about 30 teachers; among us are present national instructors and federal trainers, we are specialized in all techniques and in teaching for all ages.

We have become particularly specialized in teaching to children for whom we have developed a special teaching method.



Our ideas came to fruition in 2011 with the book “Skiing for children” published by Antersass, authors Michele Marchi and Maria Chiara Sergotti.
The book highlights the playful aspect of the ski lesson; we know how important the game is for the child, because through playing he explores and builds the future learning, not perceiving the value of sustained effort.
The game is fun and knowledge for him, it is the learning engine.
Sport usually stimulates the socialization and cooperation between the child and his companions, and between the child and his reference adults (teachers, carers, coaches).
In this way, it promotes the development of the sense of self-identity image. Teaching how to define and achieve goals, it promotes the learning of the relationship between commitment and achievement and strengthens the child’s sense of personal effectiveness.

Skiing in particular stimulates the spatio-temporal organization, rhythm and coordination.
It increases self-confidence and self-esteem through performing exercises, the successful completion of tests, the comparison with peers age, and the feedback provided by the teacher.
It develops the ability to cope with frustration, and as a “game” heavily regulated, skiing allows the acquisition of rules, so simple and progressive, through shared recreational activity.
The child can express himself through the characters of his world of fantasy and cartoon characters.
The world is magical for this age, the child learns willingly if he lives in a fantasy world; the game is the right tool for a suitable learning path and to bring children to the knowledge of skiing.
At this age learning is by imitation, techniques and monologues explanations from the teacher are of little use.
Knowing how to communicate and enter in his world is fundamental.
The project has been active for some time also through the use of appropriate exercises and teaching aids and we are getting continuous success and recognition.


La storia della scuola

La montagna, l’ambiente, lo sci.

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I Tour sugli sci


Fantastic skiing in groups accompanied by a teacher.
On the trail of history and discovering the most beautiful slopes of Cortina d’Ampezzo and the Dolomiti Superski.
A full day, departure is at 8:30 am from Cortina with the return in the evening for a minimum of 4 participants.


Cortina all round: skiing on all slopes of Cortina d’Ampezzo.

Sella Ronda or Tour of the Passes: starting from S.Cassiano up and down around the Sella massif, crossing the passes Campolongo, Gardena, Pordoi and Sella.

Tour of the Great War: following what was the front line during the First World War, with the possibility to see posts, trenches and museums.

…and Marmolada, Val Badia, Pusteria, Plan de Corones.


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Loc. Guargnè (Belluno) Italy
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