Let’s keep in touch: #ciaohappy

Let’s keep in touch: #ciaohappy

We have spent a wonderful season on skis and now … let’s keep in touch!

Have you chosen a nice place to spend the weekend or are you having fun on vacation?
Bring with you one of the Happy Ski gadgets (the hat, the bandana, the sticker, the magnet), take a picture and send it to us by writing where you are: it will be a pleasure to greet you by publishing your photo on Happy Ski’s social networks!

Use the messages from our Facebook page or those from our Instagram profile, or add #ciaohappy to your photos: we can’t wait to see your shots!

With Happy Ski the fun never ends!

Another ski season has just come to an end.
A ski season made of sunny days, perfect slopes and an unexpected spring of snow that has pleasantly surprised us.

The whole team of Happy Ski has given its best as usual to make you spend unforgettable days teaching all the techniques of skiing, from the first steps up to the levels for the more experienced.

Daily with us, our sponsors have joined us to make the lessons even more enjoyable and they will be with us also for all the summer activities.
The thirst-quenching water of Ferrarelle to hydrate us after the “efforts” in the mountains; the energy of Socado chocolate to better face our adventures; the impeccable equipment of SnowService Cortina always ready with a special discount for Happy Ski; the fine wines of Borgo Paglianetto with which the adults toasted; the solar protections by Snik and then Autosystem, Fattorie Benelli and Tessile Fiorentina.

Let’s put our skis back until next ski season and prepare bikes, trekking shoes and a great desire to experience the mountains while having fun with Happy Ski!

When you’re having fun, time flies

And also this winter season has slipped away like our skis on the perfect slopes of Cortina.
As always, we had fun learning and improving skiing among the lessons, the races, the skills and the professionalism of our instructors, the laughs of our little friends.

A beautiful season, thanks also to a weather which has always been on our side: snowfall at the right time and beautiful sunny days.
We can’t forget, of course, of all the Happy Ski sponsors, who have always been on our side, particularly during all our school events; heartfelt thanks to Borgo Paglianetto, Ferrarelle, Socado Cioccolato, Snow Service, Autosystem, Fattoria Benelli, Tessile Fiorentina and Snik.

We have told you online about our skiing days and we will continue to do so: we will keep in touch for the upcoming Easter period, then for all our summer activities in the mountains and, sometimes we will dust off the memories of this beautiful winter season we spent together.

Thanks and greetings to you all and don’t forget to… stay Happy!

Aggressive race style

The photos show all the concepts of force, progressive angle and dynamic retraction with entry into in the next curve in central advance.

The highest expression of style and technique.

A new Happy Ski season

The ski resorts reopen, a new Happy Ski season starts!

Finally here we are there! The moment that all the snow and mountain lovers have been waiting for has arrived.
The new ski season starts again and all of us at Happy Ski are ready to welcome you with our range of courses and our ever-present expertise.

The team of instructors is ready to let you discover the pleasure of skiing in the name of fun and maximum safety.
Discover all our courses here, but do not hesitate to contact us to find the most suitable course for you with our instructors.

The reservations are already a lot and this really pleases us and we thank you so far for your trust and your affection: like every year no effort will be spared to reciprocate! 🙂

We are looking for new instructors!

Teaching skiing is beautiful.
Doing it with us makes you HAPPY
Happy Ski is selecting ski instructors for its team: will you be one of ours?

Send your application HERE!

A wonderful season on skis

Another ski season ends and it has been a fantastic season.

Lots of snow, wonderful days and especially many young future champions who have skied with Happy Ski!
They have followed the lessons of our priceless Instructors, who from this season have shown off the beautiful new uniforms, and above all have learned to live and respect the mountains and the environment in which they could have fun.

Yes, because the fun is and will always be at the base of our philosophy: skiing, its techniques and all the correct behavior to live it better, become easily familiar when you learn everything with pleasure and happiness: Happy indeed! 🙂

The ski season of Happy Ski closes but we are already at work for all the initiatives for the summer so do not lose sight of our site and our social channels for all the news.
Greetings from all the Instructors, from all at the Secretary Office and of course also from me!

Michele Marchi
Happy Ski Director

Snaps the fun! #happyskifun

It’s time to show how to have fun with us on skis!

Follow on Instagram Happy Ski, shoot your funniest moments on skis, add #happyskifun.

The best photo of the week, selected from the Happy Ski Instructors, won the HAPPYSKIBAG full of school gifts!

The author of the chosen photos will receive a private message on their Instagram profile with all the information to pick up the beautiful and full of things HAPPYSKIBAG. 🙂

Happy Ski opens the new season

Here we are!
The new season of Happy Ski starts, the team is complete and we are ready to make you become experienced skiers with courses tailored for our students, with the fun and pleasure of the sport always at the forefront.

On our new website you will find all about our courses, choose the one that suits you and if you need more information we are available at + 39 338 77 97 624 or you can contact us through the dedicated page on the website.

The ski resorts are ready, the snow cannons are placed, the cold is coming … it’s time to book your skiing with us!

Let’s start again with a lot of news!

A new season is upon us and the school is already working to welcome you in the best way.

We started refreshing our look and you’ll see it when you will come to visit us.

If you are following us on our social profiles you already began notice something; it is on line that this year the school has taken out the muscles involving all the instructors who live daily with you the days on the beautiful slopes of Cortina.

Thanks to them we’ll tell you the daily activities and we’ll involve you to discover the beautiful environments that surround us.
We will make you better know how to have fun learning or improving ski with us of Happy Ski.

Surely the thing that you have noticed is our new website, completely renovated and designed to give you all the information in the best ways.