Students of the MG and TG courses will be picked-up from home from 8.45am to 9.15am, to allow lessons to begin by 9.30am.
On the first day of the course all students must be ready by 8.45am, independently of the teacher’s time of arrival.
From the second day onwards, the time of gathering will be established on the basis of the time of arrival on the first day.
The return of students of the MG course to their parents is scheduled at 12.45am; parents must be present at the place agreed for collection at 12.30am, so that the actual collection can be on time at 12.45am.
The students of the MG courses will be returned on the slope specified daily by the teacher, and will not be brought home or to Guargnè.
The return and collection of the TG courses will be from 3.30pm-3.45pm or later, depending on traffic conditions and ski resort.
Please, be punctual at the time agreed for gathering and return of students.
A delay on the agreed time will cause the course to be scheduled in the last slot of the tours.