The above-mentioned rates are per person.
Lessons will take place in all weather conditions.
Collective lessons are reserved for children of ages up to 17.
The TG and MG courses foresee at least 6 consecutive days, with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 students.
More days can be added after the first 6.
The reservation is binding and based on the agreed starting date of the course; all days will be charged, including those of absence; also the reservation of additional days is binding, and all days will be charged, even if students do not attend the course (January 1st, not agreed absences, etc…).
The reservation must be confirmed at least 15 days before classes begin, otherwise the reservation will be cancelled.
On the day of the possible competition, after the prize ceremony, the TG courses attendees will continue to ski, and the full day will be charged.
The courses of the Christmas season will start on December, 26th 2022.
During the winter, courses start every Monday.