And also this winter season has slipped away like our skis on the perfect slopes of Cortina.
As always, we had fun learning and improving skiing among the lessons, the races, the skills and the professionalism of our instructors, the laughs of our little friends.

A beautiful season, thanks also to a weather which has always been on our side: snowfall at the right time and beautiful sunny days.
We can’t forget, of course, of all the Happy Ski sponsors, who have always been on our side, particularly during all our school events; heartfelt thanks to Borgo Paglianetto, Ferrarelle, Socado Cioccolato, Snow Service, Autosystem, Fattoria Benelli, Tessile Fiorentina and Snik.

We have told you online about our skiing days and we will continue to do so: we will keep in touch for the upcoming Easter period, then for all our summer activities in the mountains and, sometimes we will dust off the memories of this beautiful winter season we spent together.

Thanks and greetings to you all and don’t forget to… stay Happy!