Another ski season ends and it has been a fantastic season.

Lots of snow, wonderful days and especially many young future champions who have skied with Happy Ski!
They have followed the lessons of our priceless Instructors, who from this season have shown off the beautiful new uniforms, and above all have learned to live and respect the mountains and the environment in which they could have fun.

Yes, because the fun is and will always be at the base of our philosophy: skiing, its techniques and all the correct behavior to live it better, become easily familiar when you learn everything with pleasure and happiness: Happy indeed! 🙂

The ski season of Happy Ski closes but we are already at work for all the initiatives for the summer so do not lose sight of our site and our social channels for all the news.
Greetings from all the Instructors, from all at the Secretary Office and of course also from me!

Michele Marchi
Happy Ski Director